In process engineering, there are two problems companies must deal with:
1) The design of unit operations, reactors, equipment and units.
2) The design of the whole system, integrated.

Units and equipment integration optimized individually do not necessarily leads to optimal systems or cycles. That is why BIOXXAR pays close attention and conducts its development to this area, relatively new, within methodology for design in engineering.

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Through different analysis techniques, it is possible to undertake diagnosis of industrial processes, cogeneration systems, services, etc., aiming at reducing capital and energy costs, reducing polluting emissions, optimization of water use and improvements in operation and production.

Its application is possible in different systems such as:
a- Process integration in industrial plants with diverse units.
b- Heat recovery networks.
c- Heat and power systems.
d- Auxiliary service systems.
e- Waste disposal systems.

  • Engineering
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Basic engineering (Structures, calculation and diagrams of industrial equipment, P&ID, technical specifications, etc.)
  • Detail engineering (Construction plans for buildings, equipment, pipes, electronic and isometric models, Lay-outs, material take-off, etc.)
  • Control engineering
  • Facility assessment
  • Research and development
  • Optimization
  • Revamping of existing facilities
  • Energy integration between diverse units
  • Process and equipment optimization
  • Process adaptation to policy changes
  • Cogeneration units.
  • Control boards; Programming; SCADA
  • Other Services
  • Technical consulting for new projects
  • Site management, work supervision and technical assistance
  • Start Up Assistance