BIOXXAR is the result of the joining of two process engineering teams (APROXAR and AUXXON) with long-standing experience in fats and oils and biodiesel production.

We have been present from the first steps of the relatively new biodiesel and bioethanol industry to today with our own BIOXXAR processes for biofuel production, subproducts transformation, cogeneration and energy integration. Currently, we make available in the market process that meets the highest quality standards worldwide, with the lowest operational cost and dealing with the minimization of environmental impact.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our best backed warranty.

Attendance to Congresses
Workshop Técnico Etanol - PRAJ, Argentina, San Miguel, Tucumán, 2018
TECO 2018 Paraguay. Novozymes - Oportunidades en la industria del etanol de maíz, Paraguay, Campo 9, 2018
TECO 2017 Argentina. Novozymes - Taller de etanol combustible, Argentina, Río Cuarto, Córdoba, 2017
TECO 2016 Argentina. Novozymes - Aumentando el potencial de cada planta, Argentina, Villa María, Córdoba, 2016
World Congress on Oil & Fats, and 31st. ISF. LECTRURESHIP SERIES: Cómo minimizar efluentes en unidades de Biodiesel, ASAGA, Rosario, Santa Fe, 2015
Conferencia BiodieselBR, Brasil, San Pablo - Brasil, 2013